Where to begin

I am not sure how long this post is going to be.  Nor do I know where to begin.  Life has been a bit interesting around here to say the least.

First, my son found a truck that he liked.  So there was the issue of trying to get financing for the truck.  Financing is finally secured and he now owns a 1997 Chevy Silverado pick up.  Now to sell his ’85 piece of crap Camaro.  Anyone interested?

My dad ended up in a very bad car accident last week Tuesday.    He ended up having to be extricated from his car.  I had a lovely time trying to get access to his car to get the junk out of it.   He just got out of the hospital this past Saturday night.  No broken bones, 14 staples in his head, a bunch of scabs.  He ended up having internal bleeding from an ulcer that is located near his small intestine.  He certainly is one lucky guy.  There are pictures of his mangled car on my flickr page just click on the link to the right.

This past Saturday was Wisconsin Sheep and Wool.  I had a lot of fun.  I ended up getting an Anne Hanson pattern Henley with a Twist and the book The Enchanted Sole.  I also got two hanks of some gorgeous laceweight yarn Isabel from Briar Rose Fibers.   I bought a new project bag from Blue Tulips which I am definitely going to have to visit her etsy site and get some more bags.

Sunday was our annual staff/awards meeting.  They rolled out the new program that is coming in November to North America.  All I can say it is an awesome program.  I have started following it today.  Now, I am just trying to figure out what’s for dinner.

So what is on my needles?  Actually quite a bit.

I finished the two cuffs for the Sockdown 4 September Mock.  They look totally awesome.  The cuffs were the first clue.  I have gotten the second clue but haven’t started knitting them yet.

I finished the first sock of the Burning Rings of Fire.  I am on the leg portion of the sock.  It shouldn’t be too much longer before I get to the heel flap.

I finished the two cuffs for the Hazel Knits Knitalong.  I am about 3/4 done with the leg of one sock which is the second clue.

I have not touched the Jaywalker Scarf, Geraldine, Featherweight Cardigan, Evenstar and Moonfleet.  I am trying not to cast on for any more projects. 

I did finish the Sock With No Name. 

That’s it in a nutshell.  Stay tuned.


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WIP Tuesday

Off the wall – why?  I have nothing in mind really to write about so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Over the weekend I finished the second Spectacle beret.  Now I just need to have my daughter model it so I can get some interesting pictures.  

I pulled out a sock that was one of the very first ones that I had knitted.  It is using Cascade fixation yarn.  I am going to re-write the pattern there are quite a few errors in this one. The colors of the socks are not going to match because they are two different dye lots.  I can’t wait to get these socks finished.

I am still plugging away on the Sock with No Name.  I have about half the pattern repeats done on the leg so once that is finished it should go pretty quickly.

Geraldine and Evenstar have not been touched since before Stitches Midwest.  Featherweight Cardigan and Moonfleet are hibernating.

I am about to add two more wips to my projects.  There are two KALs starting tomorrow.  I’ve got the yarn wound up and ready to go.  Now to go hunt down the needles.  One of them I am going to knit using Magic Loop.  The other is a mystery.

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KALs, Weekend Plans and a FO

I just want to state right away that I hate coming up with blog post titles.  I’m getting off my soapbox now.  Thank you for letting me rant.

My weekend plans got made rather quickly yesterday.  I got a call from a leader asking me if I would mind working three meetings on Saturday morning and one on Sunday.  I haven’t done a Weight Watcher meeting in quite awhile so I need the meetings to stay active so I agreed.    Of course there will be some knitting going on this weekend as well.   Sunday our knit group meets. 

There’s been a lot of dicussion surrounding our knit groups with mainly where are we going to knit.  We found an awesome coffee shop to knit at but they are now not open the same times that we knit.  So we found another coffee shop.  The complaints were the lighting is not the greatest, the music and the fact that it is sit down service rather than go get your own.   Then we decided to give Culver’s a try, not too bad but it was only me and one other person.  The time we arrive needs to be tweeked just a bit due to the Sunday lunch crowd.  The Thursday group met at Wendy’s.  Complaints were mainly just based on smell.

I finally finished my travelling scarf.  I thought that I had all these ends to weave in but the girls were awesome.  I only had three ends to weave in.  I had a decision to make, did I want to end the scarf with the same yarn that I started with.  I decided that yarn did not fit with the flow of the scarf and wanted to just end it.  The scarf was on a stitch holder and the last person to knit the scarf wove in her ends so I had to find the end and undo a few rows so that way I could bind off.   I need to get some pictures of the final scarf.  I like it very much the girls did a wonderful job.

There are two KAL’s that are starting at the beginning of September that I have decided to take part in.  They are both on Ravelry, one lasts a month and the second lasts two months.   The first one http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/sock-knitters-anonymous/1271628/1-25  is with the Sock Knitter’s Anonymous Group.  They have three options.  The first one is to knit with the method selected,  the second is knit any pattern from the designer selected for the month, the third is a mystery pattern designed using the selected method.  I have decided to knit a pair of socks from the designer Kristen Kapur of Through the Loops which is this month’s designer.  I just now need to figure out which yarn I am going to use.  My thoughts are that I have a lot of yarn left over from A Little Jazz so I am going to go with that since the socks are just ankle socks.    The second KAL is http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/hazel-knits-artisans/1260403/1-25 through the Hazel Knits Artisan group.  The rules are that you must use a skein of Hazel Knits.  The patterns are either a mystery pattern or any sock pattern designed by Stick Chick Knits.  I have decided to do the mystery pattern and now to go stash diving for my Hazel Knits yarn.

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Let’s Play Catch Up

Wow, where did the summer go?  My last post was back in May.  I haven’t been much on Plurk but do spend quite a bit of time on Ravelry.

I spent the summer bowling Thursday nights on a league with my daughter.  We had a lot of fun this year.  Our partners were actually there every week which made it a the difference.  The fall bowling league is starting in couple of weeks.  We lost 3 girls off of our team and so far have picked up one. 

School starts in a week.  Last year, for my daughter in high school.  She keeps reminding me that she is a senior this year and that I am getting old.  Thanks Samantha, I don’t need any more reminders.

The family did manage to get away for a weekend.  We went to a couple of races; one in Kankakee and the other in Fairbury, Illinois.  We had a lot of fun.

Samantha did have her tonsils taken out.  That ended up being an overnight hospital stay and me taking a few days off and working from home the next week. 

On to the knitting stuff –

There were two knitting related events in the area that I attended.  The first was back in July – Midwest Fiber and Folk Festival.  From there, I purchased a skein of Fiber Optics, Happy Hands and Feet and two skeins of MacKintosh Yarns.   I have all ready made a pair of socks from one of the skeins of MacKintosh Yarns.  More about that a bit later.  

This past weekend I went to Stitches Midwest.  I purchased a Signature Needle Arts circular needle.   Laura at the Signature booth made me test drive one to make sure that I was getting the correct needle length.  The size that I ended up getting was a 5″ shaft, size 7 32″ circular.  They are heavenly to work with.  My next purchase was a skein of Baby Bamboo from Miss Babs.  The color is Cajun and has a devine sheen to it.   The next skein that I got was Lisa Souza BFL Sock in a Sedona colorway.   I don’t know how many times I went to her booth to look at that yarn.  Finally, I just broke down and bought it.   I almost forgot that I had wanted to go to the MacKintosh Yarns booth.  I had bought a completed pair of socks for Liz to see made out of her Celtic Yarn.  I ended up with another skein in a colorway called Reef.   I also ended up with two skeins of Yetti Yak yarn to do a sample knit for Liz for a beret called Spectacle.  More about the beret in a bit.

Let’s start with the FO’s next:

Pictures can be found on the right in my Flickr account.

I signed up to do a Market bag swap, so I knit the Strawberry Market Bag.  I used Berocco Weekend.  The bag was a fairly quick knit.  It has a picot edge so I learned how to do a cable provisional cast-on.   I still need to post pictures of my bag on Flickr and Ravelry. 

March Mosaic socks were another easy knit.  These are a Wendy Johnson (Wendyknits) pattern.  I knitted these out MacKintosh Yarns Celetic Yarn in the Minotaur colorway.  They absolutely fit like a glove and the yarn was a delight to work with.  Liz had warned me that the yarn might be a bit splitty but I didn’t have too much issues with the yarn.  These were the socks that I brought to Stitches Midwest with me.  Liz had wanted to see how the colorway would look all knitted up.

Marilinda by Cookie A was knitted in Lorna’s Laces in the Sage colorway.  These were gifted to my friend Kelly.  I was picked to do a test knit for Cookie’s new book.  These were the socks that were picked for me to knit.  I absolutely love Cookie’s patterns and these were a delight to knit.  Lorna’s Laces is a nice yarn to work with as well.  Originally, I had only bought one skein thinking that we would have to send the sock to Cookie, but when I was informed that we could keep the sock,  I made sure that I went and got the second skein.

Laurel is a Wendy Johnson pattern from her new books “Toe Up Socks For Everybody”  was knitted out of Numma Numma Toasty in the colorway Mint Jelly.  The socks were an easy knit and toe-up.  The yarn was simply heaven to work with.  The socks are very soft.  I knitted these for my International Sock Swap partner in Norway.

Aon is a Berocco pattern from their Weekend book.  The yarn is Berocco’s Weekend.  I loved working with the yarn but had to be very careful.  It did split easily and you could tell in the knitted fabric.  I kept detailed notes so I matched up the two sides and back row for row.  The vest is long on me but it seems that style is making a comeback.  It was an easy knit.  There are quite a few more patterns in the book that I want to make.  The yarn is inexpensive, so I bought enough yarn to knit another sweater.

A Little Jazz  was my foray into continental knitting.  I wasn’t too happy with my stitches.  A Little Jazz was a Loopy Sock Club pattern by Samanth Roshak.  It was an easy knit for me since I had done Shawl That Jazz.  I gave A Little Jazz to Samantha, you can see her interesting poses on my Rav project page.  A Little Jazz was knitted with Creatively Dyed Steele in the colorway of Bind.  I have enough yarn left over that I am trying to decide what to knit next.

Next up Simple Things shawlette knitted with The Sanguine Grypon’s Skinny Buggga in the Eurota Purplewing colorway.  A very easy shawl to knit.  This was given to my Loopy Swap 6 partner. 

Lastly is Spectacle pattern by Anne Kuo Lukito.  I knitted this with MacKintosh Yarns Yetti Yak Yarn in the colorways of Cabernet on Brown and Tea Tree Green on Cream.  The green was the main color.  I knit this basically in less than two days.   When I knit colorwork I am able to hold each color in each hand.  I knit one throwing and the other continental style.  The Yarn is 75% Yak and 25% wool.  It is an absolute dream to work with.  It is a bit pricey but all I can say is OMG!  Liz from MacKintosh yarns asked me if I would like to do a sample knit for her.  She picked out the pattern and then the yarns.  She loves green and we both decided on the brown.    I was a bit worried when I finished the beret that it would not fit, before blocking from the bottom of the hat to the top it only measured 6.5 inches.  I was able to block it over my dinner plate.   I have pictures of my daughter modelling the hat which I still need to post and put on Flickr.  After blocking, the yarn is even softer.  I had enough yarn left over to make a second beret.

Works In Progress:

I finally got my travelling scarf back.  I have very few ends to weave in.  I need to knit another 5 inches and then I can bind off.  The big decision that I have to make is whether or not I want to use the same yarn that I started with or find a different one.   I am leaning more towards finding a different one.

Moonfleet is hibernating.  We have gotten all the clues and the finished pattern.  I am only through clue 3. 

I am working on the edging of Evenstar.  It’s a knitted on border and there are 57 points around the whole shawl.  Each point has approximately 50 beads and 20 rows.  It takes me about an hour to knit each point.  I was trying to do at least one point a night until I got hooked on Spectacle.  I want to finish Evenstar before I start working back on Moonfleet.

I started a Jaywalker scarf with some Lorna’s Laces striping yarn for Samantha.  She picked the yarn out.  I am debating about looking for another scarf pattern or if I should continue on.  I haven’t touched the scarf in quite a few weeks.  Other projects have kind of taken over.

I am knitting the Featherweight Cardigan with some Malabrigo Lace yarn that I had my friend Julie dye for me.  The yarn was originally a natural color.  The color is gorgeous.  I am still on the body of the cardigan.  I am going to make it a bit longer than the pattern calls for.  I hate short cardigans.  I haven’t touched that one in awhile.  I was working on that while my daughter was in the hospital having her tonsils removed.

Nupp torture that is what Geraldine is.  Geraldine is a pattern designed by my friend Julie that loves nupps.  I did learn how to make nupps easier to knit.   Two rows of the shawl takes about an hour and a half to knit.  I was trying to knit at least two rows a night along with the one point of Evenstar that was until Spectacle decided to take over.

Then there is Sock with No Name the pattern is a Cookie A pattern that you purchase from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  I am using Socks that Rock Light Weight in the Knitters without Borders colorway.  The leg is pattern but I needed to change the foot to plain stockinette.  I just couldn’t make one of the rows work right.   At least having the foot plain stockinette the sock should go faster.  I have one sock done and 1.5 pattern repeats done out of 5 on the second leg.    I have been working on these during my lunch hour.

Last but not least, I just casted on for a second Spectacle last night.  This one the colors are going to be opposite of the first one.

Well that’s the WIPs a total of 8.  I don’t think that I have ever had that many on my needles at one time.

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OTN – But It’s Not Monday

I am a few days late with the latest addition of On The Needles.  So let’s get right to it.

I casted on for Moonfleet.  Moonfleet is the current KAL offering from The Unique Sheep.  The first clue is relatively easy.  It is called a Backgammon border.  The clue calls for 10 repeats.  I currently have 7 done and am holding.  Clue 2 comes out on Friday.  My plans are to have the last 3 remaining repeats completed. 

Evenstar has sort of come to a standstill.  I have 5 repeats of the knitted on edge done.  It is a slow process because each right side row is calling for 5 beads to be added. 

I did manage to knit a few more rows on the edging for  A Little Jazz.  I am just working on the garter stitch border.  It is slow going but it will be finished sooner or later.  More like later.

I got the yarn for my the Loopy Swap 6 project for my partner Angela.  Everyone that has seen it, is in love with the color.  I am getting addicted to knitting this .  I just casted on for it on Monday and I believe that I am about 25% done.

Still no sign of the Travelling Scarf.  I am patiently waiting for it to show up.

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OTN – Mondays

It’s that time again – OTN Mondays. 

First up is Evenstar.  I received the last and final clue on Friday.  I also finished Clue 6 and have started Clue 7.  I had to have some help with my pals on Ravelry for getting started with the knitted edge cast-on.  I’ve only got a few rows done.  It is going to take awhile to get the edging done.  There are 57 repeats that consist of 20 rows that go around the whole shawl.

A Little Jazz is coming along nicely.  Although, I am not too sure if the yarn and pattern are a match made in heaven.  I have been knitting this little shawlette/scarf Continental style.  There are several holes in the piece and of course the stitches are not even.  I have been talked out of frogging it several times.  So I continue on.  I am on the knitted ruffle edge so this is almost done.  I haven’t quite got finishitis with it.

I am still waiting for more scarves to arrive from the Travelling Scarf KAL that I have been participating in.  The girl that is before me has had a couple of the scarves for about a month now, at what point do I contact the moderator to see what the hold up is?  She got her scarf, so it’s time to finish the others and move on.

The thrummed mittens –  the dreaded thrummed mittens.   I put them in the stash sale this past Thursday and there were no takers for one almost done mitten and enough yarn to finish up the second.  I may just end up posting them up on the destash board and see if I get any takers.  I just have no desire to finish them.

Last but not least the Mystery Bag KAL.  I have not even casted on for it.  Nor am I sure that I am going to.  I have a lot coming up.   

Moonfleet KAL starts this Friday, I am so excited about it.  A really good knitting friend of mine gifted me with the yarn and beads to do the KAL.  It was a very pleasant surprise to come home and find an envelope from The Unique Sheep containing the yarn and the beads to do the KAL.  I’ve all ready got the yarn wound up and am going to knit a gauge swatch.  Yep, you heard right a gauge swatch (that’s if Evenstar don’t consume my knitting time)

I still need to get the yarn for the Loopy Swap 6.  I’ve all ready got the pattern picked out.  

That’s the two major things coming up for now.

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OTN – Mondays

It’s that time of week again.  It’s time to talk about what’s on my needles.

These days, I don’t have a whole lot on the needles.

First, there is Evenstar.  I finished Clue 5 yesterday and am working on Clue 6.  Clue 7, the final clue, comes out this Friday.  This has been a real fun mystery KAL.  I will be sad and happy to see the end.  This may be the project that takes awhile to finish because of the amount of beads that are going to go around the border of the shawl.  Yesterday, I was working on some K4tog that were kicking my butt.  I believe I told one of the girls that I was knitting with yesterday that K4tog should be not allowed in patterns.

I have been motoring away on A Little Jazz.  I am finally to the ruffle.  This should be getting to the finish state within the next week.  I did notice a little whole in my knitting.  This is the first complete project that I am working on knitting Continental style.  As I knit and look at it, I keep asking myself, will my stitches ever look even?  I may just end up going back to my throwing style and using continental when I do colorwork.  Time will tell.

I have still yet to receive any more travelling scarves.  From what I know, they are in Iowa at the moment, including mine.  So the end is near.  I will be very happy when this is done.  It just seems to be going on a little bit longer than I had anticipated.

Thurday night, our knitting group is doing a destash party for charity.  We can donate skeins of yarn, books, magazines for a good cause.  I have decided that I am going to destash my Thrummed mittens that I have no desire to knit.  The lucky recipient will get almost one complete mitten (minus the thumb) and enough yarn and roving to finish the second mitten.  I am hoping that there will be some takers.  

I do have plans for casting on for the Mystery Bag KAL.  The first clue is out, second one comes out tomorrow.  I may just wait a bit longer to see if I can get an idea as to what the bag will look like before I commit to making the whole bag.  Stay tuned.

So now it’s my turn to ask – What’s on your needles for this Monday?

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