OTN – Mondays

Well it’s that time again.  OTN -Monday.

I’m still plugging away on Evenstar.  Clue 6 came out on Friday, and I’m still working on Clue 5.   For some reason, I am having an issue with counting.  It only occurs when I start a new round.    Might have something to do that I can somehow memorize a 20 stitch repeat.   After knitting it 28 times, who wouldn’t?

I casted on A Little Jazz.  I am using Creatively Dyed’s Steele yarn base and the color is called Bind.  I wasn’t feeling the Lacy Baktus so I frogged it and am using that yarn instead.    I’m also practicing my continental technique.  I should be really good with the knit stitch by the time I am done. 

Soon to be on the needles,  a hat for a hat exchange and a bag for a mystery bag KAL. 

Well that’s it for now folks.  Come back next week for more OTN – Mondays. 

One of these days, I will start posting more pics. 


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