Random Stuff – Friday

Thursday night is usually knit night and last night was no exception.  I brought three projects with me but only worked on one.  I have finishitis with the hat that I am knitting for the  Hats Off To You, Think Spring Hat swap on Ravelry.  So I can’t go too much in detail about the project.   I ended up finishing the hat this morning.  Stay tuned for the unveiling for when I know my pal has received her hat.  I should be able to get in the mail I am hoping either tomorrow or on Monday.

I did bring my knitting to work this morning but chose to leave it in the car.  Instead, I decided to do an aerobics class at the gym here at work during my lunch hour.  I surprised myself and was able to keep up.  I did find myself missing steps.  I am feeling it now though. 

This past week, I was able to make it the gym 3 days, which was the goal that I had set for myself.  One of the days, I did not get a very good workout in.  I had one of those going through the motions days.  Where I didn’t want to be there and just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do.   My nutrition hasn’t been the greatest.  I made it through a couple of days of tracking what I was eating but then by Wednesday, I totally gave up.   A big part of the problem is that I leave my tracker on my desk at work, that is not going to help me at all.

Wednesday afternoon, I ended up taking my daughter to the doctors.  She’s been complaining of her tonsils being enlarged since February.  She also came down with a nice cold.  Well as it turns out, she has a sinus infection.  The throat culture that they did came back negative for strep throat.  Both her and I feel that the doctor is not listening to her concerns about her tonsils.  She keeps telling the doctor that they are enlarged and they are bothering her.  They are interfering with her eating also.  The doctor said that her tonsils do not concern her.  After the doctor left, I had a discussion with her nurse.  We are going to wait for two weeks for the anti-biotics and see if they work, then if her tonsils are still enlarged I am going to call and ask for a referral to see an ENT.  I’m also going to find another doctor.

Prom is tomorrow night, finally.  Hopefully, I can get a nice photo to post of her. 

I am getting ready to cast on for the Mystery Bag KAL and also a February Lady Sweater.



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3 responses to “Random Stuff – Friday

  1. Rae

    I hate when a Dr. doesn’t listen to their patients. I hope the meds work for your daughter & you find a better Dr for her. Woo Hoo prom man its been almost 13 yrs since my Senior prom man I feel old now lol. I hope she has a great time.

  2. morandia

    wow… the thing with the tonsils is not good. The Dr should listen! That’s just wrong. I ended up having mine removed in my mid 20s. btw, I would never recommend that – it HURT. Then again, I’m a big baby about things like that! hehe

    I agree on the ENT. Good choice. Can’t wait to see prom photos!!

  3. browneyegurl35

    I find it amazing that doctors have a tendency to ignore what you are saying and then treat you like you are retarded.

    Hopefully the antibiotics works for her, but the ENT is a good choice.

    Ok how many things do you have on your needles?… LOL

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