OTN – Mondays

It’s that time again – OTN Mondays. 

First up is Evenstar.  I received the last and final clue on Friday.  I also finished Clue 6 and have started Clue 7.  I had to have some help with my pals on Ravelry for getting started with the knitted edge cast-on.  I’ve only got a few rows done.  It is going to take awhile to get the edging done.  There are 57 repeats that consist of 20 rows that go around the whole shawl.

A Little Jazz is coming along nicely.  Although, I am not too sure if the yarn and pattern are a match made in heaven.  I have been knitting this little shawlette/scarf Continental style.  There are several holes in the piece and of course the stitches are not even.  I have been talked out of frogging it several times.  So I continue on.  I am on the knitted ruffle edge so this is almost done.  I haven’t quite got finishitis with it.

I am still waiting for more scarves to arrive from the Travelling Scarf KAL that I have been participating in.  The girl that is before me has had a couple of the scarves for about a month now, at what point do I contact the moderator to see what the hold up is?  She got her scarf, so it’s time to finish the others and move on.

The thrummed mittens –  the dreaded thrummed mittens.   I put them in the stash sale this past Thursday and there were no takers for one almost done mitten and enough yarn to finish up the second.  I may just end up posting them up on the destash board and see if I get any takers.  I just have no desire to finish them.

Last but not least the Mystery Bag KAL.  I have not even casted on for it.  Nor am I sure that I am going to.  I have a lot coming up.   

Moonfleet KAL starts this Friday, I am so excited about it.  A really good knitting friend of mine gifted me with the yarn and beads to do the KAL.  It was a very pleasant surprise to come home and find an envelope from The Unique Sheep containing the yarn and the beads to do the KAL.  I’ve all ready got the yarn wound up and am going to knit a gauge swatch.  Yep, you heard right a gauge swatch (that’s if Evenstar don’t consume my knitting time)

I still need to get the yarn for the Loopy Swap 6.  I’ve all ready got the pattern picked out.  

That’s the two major things coming up for now.


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