OTN – But It’s Not Monday

I am a few days late with the latest addition of On The Needles.  So let’s get right to it.

I casted on for Moonfleet.  Moonfleet is the current KAL offering from The Unique Sheep.  The first clue is relatively easy.  It is called a Backgammon border.  The clue calls for 10 repeats.  I currently have 7 done and am holding.  Clue 2 comes out on Friday.  My plans are to have the last 3 remaining repeats completed. 

Evenstar has sort of come to a standstill.  I have 5 repeats of the knitted on edge done.  It is a slow process because each right side row is calling for 5 beads to be added. 

I did manage to knit a few more rows on the edging for  A Little Jazz.  I am just working on the garter stitch border.  It is slow going but it will be finished sooner or later.  More like later.

I got the yarn for my the Loopy Swap 6 project for my partner Angela.  Everyone that has seen it, is in love with the color.  I am getting addicted to knitting this .  I just casted on for it on Monday and I believe that I am about 25% done.

Still no sign of the Travelling Scarf.  I am patiently waiting for it to show up.


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