KALs, Weekend Plans and a FO

I just want to state right away that I hate coming up with blog post titles.  I’m getting off my soapbox now.  Thank you for letting me rant.

My weekend plans got made rather quickly yesterday.  I got a call from a leader asking me if I would mind working three meetings on Saturday morning and one on Sunday.  I haven’t done a Weight Watcher meeting in quite awhile so I need the meetings to stay active so I agreed.    Of course there will be some knitting going on this weekend as well.   Sunday our knit group meets. 

There’s been a lot of dicussion surrounding our knit groups with mainly where are we going to knit.  We found an awesome coffee shop to knit at but they are now not open the same times that we knit.  So we found another coffee shop.  The complaints were the lighting is not the greatest, the music and the fact that it is sit down service rather than go get your own.   Then we decided to give Culver’s a try, not too bad but it was only me and one other person.  The time we arrive needs to be tweeked just a bit due to the Sunday lunch crowd.  The Thursday group met at Wendy’s.  Complaints were mainly just based on smell.

I finally finished my travelling scarf.  I thought that I had all these ends to weave in but the girls were awesome.  I only had three ends to weave in.  I had a decision to make, did I want to end the scarf with the same yarn that I started with.  I decided that yarn did not fit with the flow of the scarf and wanted to just end it.  The scarf was on a stitch holder and the last person to knit the scarf wove in her ends so I had to find the end and undo a few rows so that way I could bind off.   I need to get some pictures of the final scarf.  I like it very much the girls did a wonderful job.

There are two KAL’s that are starting at the beginning of September that I have decided to take part in.  They are both on Ravelry, one lasts a month and the second lasts two months.   The first one http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/sock-knitters-anonymous/1271628/1-25  is with the Sock Knitter’s Anonymous Group.  They have three options.  The first one is to knit with the method selected,  the second is knit any pattern from the designer selected for the month, the third is a mystery pattern designed using the selected method.  I have decided to knit a pair of socks from the designer Kristen Kapur of Through the Loops which is this month’s designer.  I just now need to figure out which yarn I am going to use.  My thoughts are that I have a lot of yarn left over from A Little Jazz so I am going to go with that since the socks are just ankle socks.    The second KAL is http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/hazel-knits-artisans/1260403/1-25 through the Hazel Knits Artisan group.  The rules are that you must use a skein of Hazel Knits.  The patterns are either a mystery pattern or any sock pattern designed by Stick Chick Knits.  I have decided to do the mystery pattern and now to go stash diving for my Hazel Knits yarn.


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