Random Stuff – Friday

Thursday night is usually knit night and last night was no exception.  I brought three projects with me but only worked on one.  I have finishitis with the hat that I am knitting for the  Hats Off To You, Think Spring Hat swap on Ravelry.  So I can’t go too much in detail about the project.   I ended up finishing the hat this morning.  Stay tuned for the unveiling for when I know my pal has received her hat.  I should be able to get in the mail I am hoping either tomorrow or on Monday.

I did bring my knitting to work this morning but chose to leave it in the car.  Instead, I decided to do an aerobics class at the gym here at work during my lunch hour.  I surprised myself and was able to keep up.  I did find myself missing steps.  I am feeling it now though. 

This past week, I was able to make it the gym 3 days, which was the goal that I had set for myself.  One of the days, I did not get a very good workout in.  I had one of those going through the motions days.  Where I didn’t want to be there and just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do.   My nutrition hasn’t been the greatest.  I made it through a couple of days of tracking what I was eating but then by Wednesday, I totally gave up.   A big part of the problem is that I leave my tracker on my desk at work, that is not going to help me at all.

Wednesday afternoon, I ended up taking my daughter to the doctors.  She’s been complaining of her tonsils being enlarged since February.  She also came down with a nice cold.  Well as it turns out, she has a sinus infection.  The throat culture that they did came back negative for strep throat.  Both her and I feel that the doctor is not listening to her concerns about her tonsils.  She keeps telling the doctor that they are enlarged and they are bothering her.  They are interfering with her eating also.  The doctor said that her tonsils do not concern her.  After the doctor left, I had a discussion with her nurse.  We are going to wait for two weeks for the anti-biotics and see if they work, then if her tonsils are still enlarged I am going to call and ask for a referral to see an ENT.  I’m also going to find another doctor.

Prom is tomorrow night, finally.  Hopefully, I can get a nice photo to post of her. 

I am getting ready to cast on for the Mystery Bag KAL and also a February Lady Sweater.



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OTN – Mondays

Well it’s that time again.  OTN -Monday.

I’m still plugging away on Evenstar.  Clue 6 came out on Friday, and I’m still working on Clue 5.   For some reason, I am having an issue with counting.  It only occurs when I start a new round.    Might have something to do that I can somehow memorize a 20 stitch repeat.   After knitting it 28 times, who wouldn’t?

I casted on A Little Jazz.  I am using Creatively Dyed’s Steele yarn base and the color is called Bind.  I wasn’t feeling the Lacy Baktus so I frogged it and am using that yarn instead.    I’m also practicing my continental technique.  I should be really good with the knit stitch by the time I am done. 

Soon to be on the needles,  a hat for a hat exchange and a bag for a mystery bag KAL. 

Well that’s it for now folks.  Come back next week for more OTN – Mondays. 

One of these days, I will start posting more pics. 

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Soul Searching

Where to start?  Back in 2004, I joined Weight Watchers for the second time in my life.  I walked through the door, the day after Valentine’s Day.   It took me until April 2005 to get to my goal weight and until July to lose a total of 75 lbs gone.   In August, I decided to work for Weight Watchers.  I became a leader and a receptionist.  At one point, I was working 5 meetings a week and 5 days a week.  Between Weight Watchers and my full time job, I was working 7 days a week.  Eventually, I started scaling back.  At the moment, I am only doing meetings as a sub and only as a receptionist. 

Over time the weight has been creeping back on.  I am currently almost 30 lbs over my goal weight.    I was at this same spot last year at about this time.  Where I work they have a program called Body for Life, I decided to do the challenge.  I did two back to back challenges.   I lost about 16 lbs in the process.  November came and I slowly came to a halt with the good eating and going to the gym. 

At work, I have been working with a health counselor.  She has made me realize that during my weight loss journey that I am either all in or all out.  At the moment, I am just teetering on the all in.  I need to learn how to get rid of that mentality.  I call it my gray area.

I also need to figure out why I keep sabotaging myself.  Why have I allowed myself to get back to this point yet again?  What am I afraid of?  All these are questions that I still need to answer.  How do I find these answers?  Am I afraid of the hard work that it going to take to get back and frustrated with how long it is going to take?

Of course, I am beating myself up over letting myself gain the weight that has me almost 30 lbs over.   I am living in the land of what was and not what is?  I need to face myself as I am.  I think more importantly,  I need to love myself for who I am right now at this point in time.  I also need to forgive myself.  I’ve done it before, I need to do it again.

The exercising, I can do – will do.  The nutrition, I can do – will do.  But I need to overcome the mental part to remain successful and to finally once and for all keep this weight off.

Tomorrow – I start a new journey.  Stay tuned.


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Coming Attractions

I thought that I would write a list of what is up and coming for me, which hopefully won’t kick off a flurry of cast on-itis.   But then it would give me something to discuss for my OTN-Monday’s posts.

I signed up to do another swap.  My friend Kelly twisted my arm into signing up.    Sign-ups end on April 24th with partners going out the next day.  I have one month to knit a hat.  Should be no problem.   It’s not a secret swap so that should make it fun.  If you’d like to check it out go to


I also signed up to do the Loopy Swap 6 swap.  This swap features my favorite store The Loopy Ewe (www.TheLoopyEwe.com) .    The swap can be found here http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/loopy-groupies/1091717/1-25#1.    Sign ups close on April 25th at 8 am eastern time.  It’s also not a secret swap but you will have a downstream and an upstream partner.

I seem to have a thing for Mystery KAL’s.  Some work out wonderfully while others do not.  The first Mystery KAL that I participated in was Through The Loops.  The pattern was awesome and I was actually able to keep up.   Another one, a Mystic KAL, I was not able to keep up with and in the end was happy that I did not play along.  I did not like the pattern.   The current one, Evenstar, is totally awesome.  It is a wonderful desgin and I can not wait to see the finished results.  So that brings me to the next up and coming one.  It’s a Mystery Bag KAL from  Appalacian Yarns.  http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/appalachian-yarns-inc/1071038/1-25  first clue comes out on Tuesday, April 27th.

Last but not least, I will cast on for The Fair Isle socks.  Sooner or later. 

Well that’s it for my coming attractions – do you have any?

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OTN – Mondays

So what’s on your needles?  What do I have on mine?  Well thank you for asking.

I only have three projects currently on the needles, well 4 if you count the one that I found this morning.  If you want to count the travelling scarf it’s then 5.

I am currently working on Evenstar.  I am working on Clue 5, which means that I am current with all the clues received.  I started working on Clue 5, this past Saturday night.  There are anywhere from 560 – to well over 600 stitches for each round.  Each round is taking me about an hour to knit.  Clue 5 has approximately 24 rows give or take.  I am hoping to have Clue 5 finished in time to start Clue 6.

Lacy Baktus knitted with Creatively Dyed yarn hasn’t been touched in quite awhile.  I am debating about frogging it and casting on something different or attempting to knit it Continental style.  The jury is still out on that and have not rendered a verdict.

My thrummed mittens have been and will continue be on a long haitus.  I have the thumb left on one mitten to do and the other one.  I am not quite sure why I don’t have finishitis with these.  Maybe once the weather starts turning colder again, I’ll get the desire.

I currently do not have a travelling scarf in my possession.  This past weekend, I finished both scarves that had been sitting.  One I knit continental and the other was my old way of throwing.  I had an issue with K2tog and Ssk’s.  Eventually, I’ll get the hang of it.

The project that I uncovered this weekend was one lone sock.  It is done with Cascade Fixation. I tried the sock on and wouldn’t you know, it’s too long for my foot.  I am really tempted to frog it back to the proper point and just reknit the toe and cast on the second sock.

Over the weekend, I finished Poor Arwen.  You can read in previous posts what happened there.  I also finished the two travelling scarves and got them mailed out this morning.

Well that’s it for OTN – Mondays.  Come back next week for my next update.  🙂


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Update on Arwen

Well Arwen went for it’s bath.  The yarn did pill a little bit.  The sleeves definitely lengthened.  The body just a wee bit.  Arwen is still damp and so now it is basking in the sun to dry.  There was a little mishap.  For whatever reason I have a small hole in the underpart of the sleeve where I had buried the yarn.  Looks like I am going to have to seam it again. 

Dream in Color is really super soft right now, however it stinks.  I am hoping that the smell will go away with wash and wear.

Photos to come shortly.

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Cardigan for Arwen :(

I finished Cardigan for Arwen this evening.  I got all the ends woven in.  I am disappointed in it.  I did not block the piece. I knitted it in Dream of Color Classy which is a superwash wool.  Since I know that superwash grows I decided not to block the piece.  I figured that I would seam it together and then throw it in the wash. 

I could not visually picture how the piece would seam together.  So I did the obvious first.  I seamed the sleeves first and then the hood.  Next, was the two sides and then finally the across the back.  When I was seaming across the back, the piece ended up not matching up.  So I ended up having to make it fit together. 

When I tried it on, it looked awful.  I figure that it is due to not being blocked and also the piece ended up being short on me.  So I am going to go to Ravelry and do some reading on the yarn as to my next step.  I figure that it is going to go in the washing machine and then what???

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